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A set of figurative compositions in oil, ink or acrylic on canvas, wood or paper. Although they generally have a narrative character, they do not respond to the purpose of illustrating any particular subject, but simply to be inspired by ink spots or random color to find figures and create pictorial themes.

Some of these works do not despise being installed halfway between painting and illustration, leaning alternately towards one or another. There are clearly pictorial pieces, which emphasize the brushstroke, the spontaneous drop, or the color, even to the matter. Others are more graphic and show a linear hatching effect oriented to invent and describe in detail forms to the infinity. This fantasy game is stimulated by the ink, which gives some drawings an aspect close to that of old illustrations and engravings.

The fact of being the casual forms of ink or color to give the artist the first indications on the way forward is also usual in other series of the author. Also, the line has often been the means used to see and group figures, landscapes and objects to almost endanger the overall effect.

The oil paintings are the most pictorial, the linear filigree does not prevail in them looking for a thousand shapes of figures or objects as usually does in acrylic and ink works. However, oils also respond to improvisation from linear frames, so that everything is an invention, even the portraits.

Diana. Female figure

DIANA (detail). Oil on canvas

Ink and acrylic on wood

PICNIC. Ink and acrylic on wood. 54×73 cm.

Acrylic and ink composition

COMPOSITION. Acrylic and ink on paper. 29,7x42 cm.

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