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Female face

Set of images obtained by photograph pictorical manipulation.

The purpose of these works has been the transformation of photographs from magazines into paintings, however not copying them to paint a picture, but painting directly on them. In some cases it has been done by tracing the shapes appearing on the photo to give them a different meaning other than the original. Abstract composition has been directly sought for other works. Acrylic paint has been the most widely used technique for this series, sometimes accompanied by colored wax or ink. Oil painting has exceptionally been used.

The great deal of printed images around us seems to invite the artist to do something with them. It is as if these pictures, enclosed within the publication where only would count as an informative document, were asking someone to free them and give them another life. The urge to paint these reproductions can be a good way to get it, and it is often fun to compare the final work with the photo that has arouse it.

So some FLOWERS may come from the image of a group of flamingoes while a DRESSED FLOWER plays with a photo of Christian Dior examining a dress with a model.

There are especial suitable topics for abstraction, either for its originality or the lack of a consistent human presence. This is the case for MAP, de HOLIDAY or SHAPES. At other times the choice made is one for semi-abstract figuration, as in SIRENS.

However most commonly, it has been made the most of the basic composition, using the figures that were already on the photo and changing the context in order to expose generic, essential human situations that go beyond the particular story. FACE AND HAND, for example, wishes to be just what its title indicates, to avoid leading the viewer’s thoughts or feelings, who saw the original photo and knew that shows an Alzheimer’s patient, would certainly be afected otherwise.

It was tempting to increase the scale, go beyond the work done on the drawing table and develop larger compositions. Thus appears ALTARPIECE, painted with acrylic on a photo-collage that are already enlarged magazine photos. The title refers to the central figure and the symmetry of the whole.



Dressed Flower-Christian Dior


Map-Knocked down house

MAP-Knocked down house

Bank Holiday-Oriental Celebration

BANK HOLIDAY-Oriental Celebration



Face and hand-Disease


Altarpiece-Photo collage

ALTARPIECE-Photo Collage

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