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Jarrón con flores

Double figurative series: acrylic paintings and ink drawings on paper that portray different invented topics.

Some spots and initial color or black ink splashes, purely random applied, have suggested shapes or compositions to the artist’s imagination, which then he had tried to set plastically. It is an intuitive working method making use of chance to evoke and bring to light images or ideas that may already existed without form in the author’s mind.

Some of these works could be used as illustrations, and indeed all of them are more or less narrative, but both their original dimensions as well as the glossy effect of the ink and the acrylic paint on the coated paper that is the usually employed support, without a doubt bring them closer to painting art.

Moreover, while it is true that there are parts having the classic themes of art (portraits, flower vases, alone and grouped, naked or dressed figures, …), what is particularly striking is the large number of stories, an interest in explaining stuff. What kind of stuff? Well, the explanations vary considerably. For example:

FRIEZE suggests an ancient composition, perhaps a piece of Greco-Roman or Renaissance mural decoration…

IN FRONT OF THE COLUMNS shows a kind of theatre character and at the background there are the columns of a classical building and some fallen figures.

There are more memories of antiquity in POLYPHEMUS and ANCIENT WAR, relating to the Odyssey and the Iliad, in SARDANAPALUS, loosely based on the painting by Delacroix, and even in THE MESSENGER (Hermes?).

We also find hilarious themes or somehow ironic such as GREAT ADVENTURER and CHILDREN’S STORY, caricature of a film’s event and a children’s illustration, respectively. BROTHER MONSTER, alleged Franciscan inspiration, GARÍ and THE PRINCESS, variations on the legend of the hermit of Montserrat, sets us in the Middle Ages, and maybe THE KING’S HORIZON does too.

Coming back again to the movies, FREAKS is the title of the masterpiece by Tod Browning, BIRDS has to do with a fantastic movie… and a SUPERHERO will always be a great character come from the comic books.

Female figure. Ink on paper. 100x70 cm.

FEMALE FIGURE. Ink on paper. 100x70 cm.

Portrait. Ink on paper. 100x70 cm.

PORTRAIT. Ink on paper. 100x70 cm.

Black hair. Ink on paper. 100x70 cm.

BLACK HAIR. Ink on paper. 100x70 cm.

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