Painting and Drawing
Agustí Roca

Agustí Roca’s work is characterized by a great variety of ways. Encouraged by a need of change and research, the artist has moved through many styles all along his career.
Figurative art with an expressionist look alternates with large areas of colour and gestural stains. Stories and plots want to carry the viewer beyond the pictorial shapes, but there are also compositions that remind us that, in fact, it is only about this: shape. On one end, there are representations of objects that show an interest in reality, and on the other, there are purely schematic abstractions.
As for the techniques, they also obey to the different interests that guide creation at any given time. Therefore, oil often gives way to acrylic, and even to collage or to material testing. And on top of everything, as a constant feature, there is the passion for drawing that has always accompanied the author.

After all, drawing an orange is something extraordinary, but the design of a sphere is also astounding, or just sketching a circumference to gaze at the empty circle that is left inside… to realize that it ends up becoming an orange too.
Everything is shape and concept, whatever the style may be.

Agustí Roca